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Tamil Nadu Fisheries University
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B.F.Sc Bachelor of Fisheries Science

Master of Fisheries Science :

Department of Aquaculture :

Sustainable Aquaculture
Soil and water quality management in aquaculture
Nutrition and Feed technology
Aquatic animal health management
Seed production and Hatchery management of shellfishes
Coastal Aquaculture
Larval Nutrition and Culture of fish food organisms

Department of Fisheries Biology and Resource Management :

Major Courses :

Inland fisheries resources
Marine fisheries resource management
Marine Ecosystem, Biodiversity and Conservation
Tropical Fish Stock Assessment
Remote Sensing and GIS for Fisheries Management
Feeding and reproductive biology of finfishes and shellfishes
Modern techniques in ichthyotaxonomy

Minor Courses :

Fisheries Regulations
Aquatic Floral Resources
Developmental biology of finfish and shellfish
Department of Fisheries Economics :

Major Courses :

Aquaculture Production Economics
Marine Fisheries Resource Economics
Fisheries Marketing Management
Environmental Economics
Economics of Fisheries Development Policy and Planning
Fisheries Finance and Cooperation
Introduction to Econometrics

Minor Courses :

Project Formulation and Management
International Economics and Trade

Department of Fisheries Extension :

Perspectives and Prospects of Fisheries Extension
Extension Communication and Methods
Participatory Approaches in Extension education
Training for Human Resource Development
Gender Livelihood and development
Diffusion and adoption of innovations in Fisheries
Human Resource Management
Methods and designing of social research
Development Journalism

Department of Fish Processing Technology :

Technology of fish freezing and frozen storage
Thermal processing of fishery products
Quality assurance, management and certification
Applied fish biochemistry
Techniques in microbiology
Cured, dehydrated and smoked fishery products
Handling, storage and transport of fresh fish
Technology of minced – based fish products
Additives in fish processing
Fish by-products and utilization of fishery waste
Microorganisms of public health significance
Design, maintenance of fish processing plants & instrumentation
Packaging of fish and fishery products

Department of Fishing Technology and Fisheries Engineering :

Major Courses :

Advanced Fishing Gear Technology
Advanced Fishing Craft Technology
Responsible Fishing
Refrigeration and Electrical Engineering
Marine Engineering
Fishing Harbour and Fleet Management
Fish Processing Machinery
Acoustics, Navigation and Seamanship

Minor Courses :

Aquacultural Engineering
Engineering Graphics
Environmental Engineering and Pollution
Sea Safety and Disaster Management

Department of Fisheries Biotechnology :

Fundamental of Molecular Biology
Basic Concepts of Cell Biology
Gene Structure and Regulation of Expression
Genetic Engineering and its application in Fisheries
Molecular and Immunogenetics
Cell culture and Bio-informatics
Marine Biotechnology
Aquaculture Biotechnology

Department of Fish Pathology and Health Management :

Major Courses :

Viral and bacterial diseases of finfish and shellfish
Parasitic diseases of finfish and shellfish
Health management in aquaculture
Systemic fish pathology
Fish immunology
Microbiological techniques
Fish virology and cell culture
Clinical pathology
Non-infectious and fungal diseases
Aquatic environment and fish health
Diagnostic techniques

Department of Fisheries Environment Management :

Aquatic Environment and Biodiversity
Ecology and Management of Limnetic Environment
Aquatic Microbial Ecology
Fisheries Oceanography
Integrated Coastal Zone Management
Aquatic Pollution and Wastewater Management
Analytical techniques in environmental sciences
Chemical interaction in the aquatic environment
Environmental toxicology
Environmental biotechnology

Department of Fish Quality Assurance and Management :

Fish Quality Indices
Chemical hazards in fish
Microbial Hazards in Fish
Instrumentation in Fish Quality Assessment
Processing of Fish and their Quality Problems
Fish Quality Standards
Fish Sanitation and Hygiene
Nutritional Quality of Fish
Rapid and Molecular Techniques in Fish Quality Assurance
Fish Quality Management

B.E Fisheries Engineering

Ph.D :

Department of Aquaculture

Department of Fisheries Biology and Resource Management

Department of Fisheries Economics

Department of Fish Processing Technology

Department of Aquatic Environment Management

Department of Fish Quality Assurance and Management

Department of Fisheries Extension


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